Zapbooking and User’s Agreement:-

The respective agreement incorporates and communicates all the applicable terms and conditions for to offer services to the website users or any individual availing services from is entailed to know, read, comprehend and accept all the mentioned terms and conditions. To the scope of this agreement, all the user’s rights and liabilities with respect to all the services provided or to be provided by Zapbooking shall certainly be restricted.

Zapbooking in its sole discretion reserves the right to prohibit the access to all the Zapbooking websites and services anytime without issuing any sort of notice or certificate.

Information about Third Party:-

Usage of the Account Access service by the users will authorize Zapbooking and our agents to access the third party websites designated by them intentionally to retrieve requested information. In this manner, Zapbooking and our agents will act as an agent for those third party websites. The users will select a password while creating an account and will be solely responsible for upholding the level of confidentiality of that password. In case users encounter any hitch or notice an unauthorized usage of his/her account then its user’s responsibility to instantaneously notify Zapbooking. Neither Zapbooking nor our suppliers will be liable for the losses that’ll occur due to the unauthorized usage of your account and password.

Refunds and Cancellation:-

Under this agreement, the users are required to divulge relevant and valid information while requesting for a specific service being offered at the website. Misrepresentation of the related facts is not expected and will not be accepted as well. A default on the user’s part will vitiate this agreement and perhaps disentitle the user from all the benefits and services that were being enjoyed by them previously. Zapbooking reserve the rights to take any action against the user(s) if discovers that the information given is unauthorized or sending false request in account to avail the services. The actions could be in terms of cancellation of the bookings without issuing any notice or document of this kind. Zapbooking is not responsible for the consequences associated with the cancellation of the bookings and will not take the charge of the loss that might occur after cancelling the bookings. On such claims and liabilities, the users can unequivocally indemnify Zapbooking, however, cannot blame us for the loss and damage.

Fees Payment:-

Based on certain comprehensive transactions, Zapbooking is authorized to charge the listing fees and transaction fees. No notice will be issued by Zapbooking on the alteration of the fees as we reserve the related authentic rights.

The users will be solely responsible for all the allied charges (Duties, Taxes, Fees and Assessments) arising out of the usage of the services.

When there will be a short charging for listings, services or transaction fees by Zapbooking, we’re fully authorized to claim/charge or deduct the balance following the transaction that too at its own discretion.

In an unusual case of reservation not getting affirmed, Zapbooking will intimate you regarding the same commencing the process of refund. Zapbooking isn’t under obligation to book another ticket in lieu of the unreserved one. All the new consequent bookings will be reckoned as new transactions with strictly no reference with the unsuccessful previous transactions.

Usage of the Services:-

Zapbooking is accountable only for those transactions that are being done via Zapbooking. We are not in charge for censoring, screening or controlling the transactions. The users are constantly notified about the amendments happened in the guidelines and are advised to go through and comprehend the same. Zapbooking users are complied with all the applicable laws and regulations related to the usage of the services with sheer respect to the concerned jurisdiction meant for each transaction.

Proprietary Rights:-

At Zapbooking, the users are facilitated with quality content, sounds, clips, images, videos, and graphics including the miscellaneous materials like advertisements or information. These materials are finely protected by the copyrights, trademarks and other applicable and intellectual property laws and rights. The users aren’t permitted to use, copy, transmit or create derivative works using these highly protected materials.

By using the services, the users must agree and acknowledge that they don’t reserve the concerned rights to upload, post, reproduce or distribute any sort of content or copyrighted material available at Zapbooking. With the absolute consent of the owner, the users are certified to distribute the concerned proprietary content; however, they must possess the appropriate copyright. The unauthorized distribution or submission of the proprietary content could subject the users to criminal prosecution or personal liability.

Amendment of these Terms of Use:-

Zapbooking is exclusively authorized to modify or change the terms, conditions and notices according to which the website is being offered to the clients. Users are advised to follow the same constantly.

Personal and Non-Commercial Usage Restriction:- is particularly meant for the personal and non-commercial usage. The users don’t reserve the rights to modify, copy, display, transmit, perform, reproduce, publish, sell any sort of information appearing on the website until you receive an approval from the certified authority.

Headings and Sub-headings:-

The headings and sub-headings are not intended to describe, elaborate, define or restrict the scope of these applied terms and conditions.

Gender and Number (Interpretation):-

Applying equally to both, singular as well as plural forms are these mentioned terms and conditions. Any pronoun shall include the corresponding feminine, masculine and neuter form whenever the context may require. Without any sort of limitation, the word “include”, “including” and “includes” shall be deemed to be accurately followed by the phrase. Attributing towards this agreement on the whole are the words like “herein”, “hereof”, “hereto”, ‘hereunder” and words of similar import.


By using the services, the user automatically agrees to indemnify, hold and defend the harmless Zapbooking, our suppliers, partner websites and our micro websites assigned from and against all losses, damages, claims, expenses and costs asserted against or incurred by Zapbooking or its suppliers or partner websites.


In case if this agreement holds any invalid or unenforceable provision then that unenforceability will be associated only to such provisions whereas the remaining part will continue to be in full effect and force.