About Air India

With a history spanning more than 100 years and being India’s oldest Airlines, Air India is the where the Indian Aviation industry started long back in 1911. With a service spanning the world and Indian domestic destinations, Air India is India’s national carrier and a beacon of pride. Founded by visionary and the father of Indian Aviation J.R.D Tata, Air India was born with his flight in a single engine Puss Moth from Karachi to Mumbai. Since then, Air India has come a long way both in terms of Fleet size as well as passengers moved and is known for its reliability, cost effective and value for money service.

Air India Operation

After an iconic flight piloted the noted aviation personality J.R.D Tata, the real start of Air India happened post World War II where Air India expanded their routes to include new destinations. Although competition was stiff, Air India was known for its exceptional customer service standards which saw innovations like issuing humorous booklets that encouraged passengers not to steal cutlery and refrain from stuffing children in back seat pockets. Other than that, the unique brand of Indian service was extremely popular in places as far away as New York and also back home in India. Air India also had a number of firsts like being the first Asian airline to serve New York City in 1960. It was around this time only that the now famous “Maharaja” mascot was conceptualized and became the identity of Air India. Growing at a quick pace, the fleet of Air India now has 48 aero planes from Boeing and Airbus with operations across the country and the world.

Air India IC flies to 49 domestic destinations across the country along with 26 international destinations and 19 countries across Asia. The popular routes include Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), Chennai, Bangalore and more. Using our Air India Online Booking facility, you can book your tickets in the fastest way possible. Our speedy booking engine lists out ticket fares in order of cost so you can choose the best Air India Flight the suits you schedule and pocket. Super cool offers at Goibibo make sure you save money every time you fly Air India through GoIbibo. Additional info like the Air India Flight Schedule makes booking your flight a piece of cake.